Money Savers Part 8: Selling and Flipping


After being MIA for way too long (sorry about that guys), I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet. While this post may be short, the number of possibilities with this money-saving strategy are endless! Depending on how attached you are to your things or how great you are at already keeping your house uncluttered, this could be one of the first things you do or one of the last things you do to help save money. For us it’s become pretty ongoing as my husband has kind of found a new hobby. Ha!


We all have extra stuff. Whether you realize it or not, your house probably has a hidden treasure trove of items you don’t really need or want. It could be clothes, books, tools, you name it. We learned very quickly when we bought our house that you tend to fill the space you have. And when you have a good amount of space, you’re going to end up with things you forget about and don’t really need. This is the perfect place to start and considering it’s the end of February, it’s a great time for Spring cleaning! We have sold appliances after replacing them, tools that were no longer needed, etc. While each item might sell for a little, they all add up to be great help financially!


This is something my husband was doing before Baby Girl was even born. He got into the hobbies of mountain and road biking a while back and has enjoyed buying and flipping them. Not only does it help him figure out exactly what he’s looking for in a bike, it also helps bring in a little profit if he’s changed or added anything to the bike. He’s enjoyed doing this with a number of “dude” things and it’s been good for both of us. It may have been a little scary to see some chunks of money leave the bank in the beginning to get started, but it’s been a good opportunity to show I trust him with our finances. Of course it helps that he makes wise decisions and is super picky about what/when he sells!

I’d love to hear if you’ve had any luck with either of these strategies! Maybe you sold something and were surprised by the outcome? Have you found a great item that flips quickly and easily! Please share!

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