Quality Over Quantity

One of the biggest concerns I had before committing to the RV life was the lack of space. The house we lived in before the RV was over 1,700 square feet and naturally we managed to fill all that space with things we need, along with plenty of things we truly don’t. That’s one of my favorite things about RV life – you have plenty of space for the necessities, and still a little room leftover for extras.

Nothing will force you to reevaluate your belongings like putting yourself in a tiny space. When we first took the RV out for an extended period of time, it was under the rush of getting to the Houston area after Hurricane Harvey. I didn’t have time to pack anything except our absolute necessities. I quickly grabbed clothes for that season, toys that LG was currently playing with, and the work supplies my husband and I needed. Y’all, that’s it. Because we moved in with family after selling our house, all of our other belongings (extra clothes, kitchen supplies, etc.) were all in storage and I didn’t have any time to rummage through boxes. But this turned out to be an incredible opportunity for us!

Would you believe that after settling into the RV, there were (and still are!) empty storage spots that we didn’t know how to fill?! That sounds insane, right? But there’s just something about an RV that makes you feel like you don’t NEED anything except the basics. The space fosters a feeling of simplicity that bleeds into so many aspects of living – material needs, how we spend our time, financial priorities, etc. While I knew downsizing would help us downsize our belongings, I had no idea the impact it would have in how we choose to prioritize the rest of our lives.

We may not live in an RV forever but I am certain that no matter how long we do live here, this experience will have a lasting impact on how we choose to fill our home and our time. As you begin a new year, I’d encourage you to take a look at the ways you’re using the space you have. I promise – simplifying your “things” will simplify so much more than you realize!

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