I have been looking forward to this post for weeks! Many of you have asked me how I decide what to plan for LG’s “Playschool” plans each week. So today, I’d like to share with you how I make these plans and offer you a guideline for planning for your own little one!

Why Make Plans?

First off, I plan because I am a planner. Ha! If you know me personally or follow me on Instagram, you know I love planners and stickers and organizing all. the. things. But I also plan because I’m a teacher at heart. I know that like most, my child does so much better when we follow a routine most days of the week. Of course, part of the beauty of homeschooling is the ability to have a flexible schedule so there are plenty of times that we make different plans out of the house and scoot these activities around a bit. And that’s perfectly fine!

Work with What You Have

Since these plans are more PRE-preschool than “school”, we stick mainly to materials we already have and throw a few new things in here and there. While living the RV life, it’s really important that we take advantage of everything we have with us and that we don’t keep things that aren’t being used. Making sure we regularly use LG’s toys and school supplies helps us weed out things we don’t need to keep if she isn’t interested in them.

As you can probably tell from my TeachersPayTeachers store, I love all things seasonal! So I enjoy heading to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and the Target “Dollar” Spot each month to find inexpensive treats. My favorite things to pick up are seasonal crafts/activities, mini erasers, sensory bin fillers and sensory bin manipulatives!

Stick to a Routine

To help with your own planning, I’d like to give you the outline I use for planning our days! I plan 3 activities for the morning and 3 for the afternoon, Monday-Saturday. (Although sometimes we don’t do any of it on Saturday, to be completely honest!). If you see the plans I post on Instagram each Sunday, you may be wondering why I only “allow” my kiddo to play with certain toys at certain times. It may look that way, but all of the toys listed for each week are available to her at any time. I only write them down in this way as a reminder to MYSELF to play WITH her and those toys.

Morning Activities

  1. Bible Study/Book Time – This new year, my personal goal is to do my Bible study during coffee and breakfast time. LG loves sitting at the table with me and flipping through her beginners Bible while we wake up!
  2. “Academic Practice” – ABCs, #s, Colors, Shapes, etc. We use magnets from the Target “Dollar” Spot, dry erase markers, ABC blocks, puzzles, books, etc. Our newest addition are these AMAZING beginner task cards from Especially Education! They cover an incredible range of skills that will grow with her for quite a while! We’ve started off with color matching task cards and absolutely love them! And y’all – they’re a STEAL.
  3. Science/Hands-On Activity – We have LOVED using this set of language practice activities from my dear friend! She created them for students struggling with their language skills, but they’re perfect for little ones who are learning these skills for the first time!

Afternoon Activities

  1. Fine Motors Practice – This is usually when we break out the sensory bins, beads, threading activities, etc. You can find how I plan my bins and keep them organized here!
  2. Imaginative Play – We like to play together with anything that requires roll-playing or imagination. (Dollhouse, baby dolls, home-living, tool kits, etc.)
  3. Family Time – During Christmas time, I saw for the first time how much LG enjoyed doing family crafts and games. She turned 2 at the end of December and all of a sudden, she is EXTRA interested in playing with others! She loves company and anything we can do together makes her so happy! So, our goal is to spend a little time each evening as a family making a craft, watching a movie or playing a game!

I hope that this gives you an idea of why and how I plan activities for LG each day. Stay tuned for my monthly “round-up” posts of sensory bin ideas and TPT products! In the meantime, please feel free to leave me any questions or comments!

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