Several days ago, a friend asked about how I introduced sensory bins to LG and what our first sensory bin was. Funny enough, this picture from our very first sensory bin experience just popped up on my TimeHop app! So, it only seemed fitting to share with you all!

Our First Sensory Bin

In this picture, LG was a squishy little 16 month old. Now I’m sure plenty of mommas work on sensory bins with their littles well before this age, but I wasn’t very familiar with them until around then. I wish I had known how much LG would love playing with them because I would have started them so much sooner!

The Magic of a Water Bin

When I say our first bin was a water bin, people think I’m a little crazy. After all, water is messy. But I went with water for several reasons. LG is such a water baby and is always begging to play in it. But also, I was still really nervous about her putting things in her mouth as most babies do. Using water as our “filler” made one less thing for me to watch out for.

This first bin was a perfect test bin because everything was free for us. LG loved snacking on baby food pouches every day so I saved all of the lids for sorting and playing with. They’re still a choking hazard for sure, but they were big enough for me to keep an eye on while she worked with them. No matter how old your kiddo is, be sure to keep them close by while working with sensory bins so you can watch for risky behavior!

Simplicity Wins!

If you want a super simple bin to take for a test drive, this is it! I just grabbed a storage container, filled it with water and pouch lids, and let her scoop around in the bin with a slotted spoon from the kitchen. She had a BALL! Of course, she splashed and got wet. But that made this bin even more fun! A year later and she still loves playing with water sensory bins!

Water ABC Sensory Bin

No matter your kids’ age, water bins are a great way to get your little ones engaged and exploring their senses! LG is now 4 and she STILL loves playing in water bins. We just add a few extra items now that expand our practice.

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