Making the Most of Sensory Bins

It’s no secret that we are pretty addicted to sensory bins over here. Need to keep the kid busy? Sensory bin. Bored with your lesson for the day? Sensory bin. Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Sensory bin! They’re our go-to solution for just about everything, and today I’m sharing one of our new favorites!

Like most great things, this sensory bin came together by accident. I had already put together the bin with black beans and colored gems when LG started adding the puffy ABC stickers. We just went with it, and it became the most engaging bin she’s ever used!


The first activity we did with this bin was a color sort! I grabbed some of our new favorite sorting bowls (a STEAL at a whopping $2 for 6 at Kroger!) and the lid of our pencil box bin. LG then went to work sorting the green, purple and black gems! This kept her engaged for so long, she loves doing color sorts!


The original plan with the puffy ABC stickers was to pick out letters, say their names and sounds, and stick them somewhere on the paper. However, LG had bigger and better plans as usual!

She immediately picked out an H and said “Momma, write H on the paper!” I wrote an H for her and she picked out another letter, ready to continue matching. This went on for a while and gave us a chance to practice the letter names, letter sounds, and matching. Picking the back off the stickers was also a great fine motors addition!

*The materials for this sensory bin were purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby. This is our favorite place to purchase items for our bins!*

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