Homeschool Preschool Plans for 3 Year Olds

I don’t know about you, but around here we like to start our mornings off as slowly and as peacefully as possible. The best way for LG and I to start our day off on the wrong foot is to jump straight into doing all the things. So this Fall, we started a new morning routine and it has made a huge difference in our day!

What Are Breakfast Boxes?

Breakfast boxes are simply boxes of activities I put together for LG to have on the table at breakfast time. She’s a lot like me and really likes to have some quiet time with her breakfast when she first wakes up. But having this on the table for her to use when she’s finished with breakfast extends the time I have to complete my Bible study or sip my coffee while it’s hot. (Can I get an AMEN?!)

As you can see above, breakfast boxes aren’t necessarily fancy activities that take forever to prep. Sometimes I simply lay out a box of craft materials that she can explore once she’s finished with her cereal. I try my best to put her box on the table the night before so I’m doing as little as possible in the morning. (A quick way to make LG moody? Immediately start telling her what activities you want her to do before she’s fully awake. Ha!) If she’s able to begin her box when she’s ready, we’ll have a very peaceful morning!

Our Favorite Breakfast Boxes

If you follow our monthly homeschool preschool plans and have purchased the resources used in those plans, you already have TONS of the breakfast boxes we use! Since I put together her school basket a week at a time, all of her pencil boxes full of activities are ready to go all week! All I do before LG goes to bed is grab a box from her basket and put it on the breakfast table!

 Some of LG’s favorite breakfast box ideas include:

  • Letter Formation Cards
  • Counting Cards (perfect for using with dry cereal!)
  • Pencil Box Sensory Bins
  • PlayDoh Letter and Number Cards
  • PlayDoh Shape Building Cards
  • PomPom Color Sorts
  • Crayons and Stickers

To find some perfect resources for your breakfast boxes, click HERE!

I hope this helps you and your kiddos begin each day slowly and peacefully, setting your day up for lots of fun!

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