Fall Sensory Bins

Our Fall sensory bins have been some of our VERY favorites this year! They have been SO easy to put together, and have given us fun from September to now, almost Thanksgiving! Today I’ve put together some of our most-used bins with where I got the materials and how we use them! Y’all have fun!

Fall Sensory Bins
Oatmeal and Fall Treasures

Using dry oatmeal as a sensory bin filler is an extremely inexpensive way to give your kiddos a unique sensory experience. I grabbed a $1 store brand container of dry oatmeal and filled a large bin. (Find a similar one HERE!) After working mostly with dry black beans, LG was SO into the feel of this bin! To contrast the dry, rough feel of the oatmeal I added these smooth Fall “treasures” and colorful leaves that I found for 40% off at Hobby Lobby. We loved using this bin to scoop oatmeal into bowls, sorting “soft leaves and hard treasures”, and finding different Fall colors.


Fall Sensory Bins
Oatmeal and Foam Balls

One of my favorite things about using dry oatmeal is how versatile it is! It’s the perfect background for beautiful Fall manipulatives like these glittery spheres! I also purchased these at Hobby Lobby at 40% off! (Are you seeing a theme, here?? Ha!) These balls are perfect for sorting by color and size!


Fall Sensory Bins
Oatmeal and Alphabet

Do you have bin will filler, but no idea what manipulatives to buy? Go shop your kiddos’ room!! This bin was the easiest to put together, and held LG’s attention better than most bins we’ve used! These letters are belong to a Sesame Street puzzle we already have (grab it HERE!) and added an extra fun fine motors twist to a familiar activity!


Fall Sensory Bins
Brown Beans and Stickers

A bin of puffy stickers is ALWAYS one of our favorite activities! Every season we find a few different sets on sale at Hobby Lobby and use them for color sorting! These puffy stickers have backs to them, adding an extra step of fine motors practice before we stick them to our paper. Sometimes we just have fun using them to make seasonal decorations for the RV, but our favorite activity is to sort them by color! (You can see more of this activity on my Instagram account by clicking HERE!)


Fall Sensory Bins
Brown Beans and Color Sort

Finally, we have loved adding preschool skills to our sensory bins this Fall! LG started homeschool preschool in September and combining “school” practice with our sensory bins has been a perfect transition into more difficult skills! We simply fill up a bin and add a Fall themed center, and BOOM! Tons of engagement and age-appropriate learning! (You can find more information about my Fall Preschool Skills Sensory Bins and bundle HERE!)


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