Summer Preschool Skills Sensory Bins

Summer is almost here, and we’ve been prepping all the Summer things!! Today I finally finished up our Preschool Skills Sensory Bins SEASONAL BUNDLE and I’m thrilled to share the latest additions!

These sensory bins are perfect for introducing academic skills to your toddlers and preschoolers in a developmentally appropriate way. Like each of the other seasonal sets found in my bundle HERE, this set has 6 Math skills and 6 Phonics skills. We’ll be using them in a variety of ways over the Summer and I can’t wait to share more about that soon!

Summer PreK SB1

Beginning Sounds & Rhyming Pictures

For these sensory bin tasks, students will practice matching the correct beginning sound to each Summer-themed picture. This is a fun activity for your older preschoolers to do alone, but with LG I like to do this activity together so we can discuss the various Summer vocabulary.

For the rhyming tasks students choose CVC pictures from the sensory bin to match with their rhyming pairs on the matching mat.


Summer Prek SB5

Blending CVC Words

This sensory bin is so fun for your older preschoolers and beginning readers! Students blend the sounds on the seashells, then search for the correct CVC pictures in their sensory bin. Believe it or not, LG and I do this together and she’s 3 and a half! I slowly say the sounds out loud and she hunts for the pictures!


Summer PreK SB4

ABC Order & Upper/Lowercase Matching

For these activities, students alphabet pieces from their sensory bins to match with their lowercase pairs or place in alphabetical order. To make this task extra fun, throw in a cute pair of hand tweezers to help your kiddos grab their little letters!


Summer PreK SB3

Shapes & Color Sort

Every season, these have to be our favorite sensory bins! LG loves them because she can do them independently, making them perfect Breakfast Box activities! (Read more about our Breakfast Boxes HERE!)

For the shapes task, kiddos match the lemonade sensory bin pieces to the blackline shapes on their matching mat. And your kiddos will love hunting for colorful Summer pieces to sort with their popsicle sorting mat! (You can try this color sorting activity FOR FREE by clicking HERE!)


Summer PreK SB2

Counting & Number Order

These sensory bin tasks make differentiation a breeze! Students can work on order using the numbers on the beach balls or count groups of shark fins. Then they can continue their counting practice by matching the Summer-themed sensory bin pieces to the correct numbers!


Summer PreK SB6

Number & Letter Formation Cards

The final sensory bin activities from this set are always favorites of ours! These number and letter formation cards are so great for independent practice, and I love getting to read the sentences with LG! P.S. How adorable are these little blue gems from Hobby Lobby?? They fit in perfectly with this beachy, Summer theme!



If you’d like to check these fun sensory bins out for yourself, hop on over to my TeachersPayTeachers store by clicking on the image above! I hope they give you and your little one tons of academic fun this Summer!