Summer Math and Literacy Centers

Summer is just about here! While schools are letting out, we’re gearing up for a round of Summer homeschool preschool with these Summer Math and Literacy centers! I’ll go more into why we’re continuing with our school time throughout the Summer in a new post soon, so stay tuned! For now, I’m sharing some of the resources we’ll be practicing with this Summer!

For the past 6 months, Michelle (Smitten with First) and I have been working hard on our monthly themed Preschool/Kindergarten Math & Literacy Units! These have been a huge help and so much fun for our homeschool preschool routine. Below are the activities we’ll be using this Summer from our Summer Unit!

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Counting and Operations Activities

Y’all. These counting and operations activities are SO. MUCH. FUN! We have worked so hard to make sure that you’re able to introduce or review these skills in a fun, developmentally appropriate way. Your kiddos will have no idea that these hands-on activities are getting their brains working! This Summer, LG and I will continue practicing counting to 10, identifying numbers to 10, comparing numbers, and informal addition and subtraction!

Summer Math and Literacy1

Summer Math and Literacy2

Summer Math and Literacy3

Summer Math and Literacy4

Summer Math and Literacy5

Shapes and Colors Activities

Has shape and color practice ever looked so yummy?! We are going to have a blast with these hands-on activities! We’ll be practicing color identification, matching colors to their color words, shapes tracing, shapes matching, and shapes building! These activities will give so many opportunities to practice fine motor skills as well!

Summer Math and Literacy7

Summer Math and Literacy8

Summer Math and Literacy9

Summer Math and Literacy10

Alphabet Activities

One thing I want to focus on more with LG are her letter names and sounds. Counting? She’s solid. Numbers and Shapes? Totally cool. But I’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to letters. Not this Summer! These activities are SO much fun!! I know that she’s especially going to have a blast with the cloud letters activity!

Summer Math and Literacy11

Summer Math and Literacy12

Summer Math and Literacy13

Summer Math and Literacy14

More Fine Motors Fun

With these final activities we’ll be practicing more fine motors, working on LG’s name, counting the syllables we hear in Summer words, and graphing fireflies!

Summer Math and Literacy17

Summer Math and Literacy18

I’m so excited to get to work with LG on all these activities! We’ll be spreading them out all across June and July so we still have plenty of time for Summer fun.

If you’d like to check out these centers PLUS the many more included in the set, click on the image below to view our full Summer PreK/Kinder Math & Literacy Unit!

Preschool Activities Cover - 5Summer

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