Summer Math and Literacy Sensory Bins for Little Learners

Summer is almost here, and we’ve been prepping all the Summer things, including these Summer Math and Literacy sensory bins! These bins are perfect for introducing academic skills to your preschoolers in a developmentally appropriate way. They also make wonderful independent review activities for your Kindergarten kiddos! To see what all is included, check them out below!

Numbers and Counting

This set includes tons of ways to practice early Math skills! Your little ones will practice building numbers, counting, matching, identifying number words, building 10 Frames, and number order!

Shapes and Colors

Sensory bin manipulatives offer TONS of ways to practice shapes and colors! Kiddos will build shapes, match shapes, identify shape words, sort and identify colors!


Are you practicing letters with your littles? We’ve got your covered! This set includes activities for building letters, and matching upper and lowercase letters. Students will also practice organizing letters in alphabetical order!

Beginning Sounds, Rhyming and CVC Spelling

Once your little ones are confident with their letters, they’ll be ready to move on to higher Preschooler skills! They’ll practice beginning sounds, rhyming pictures, and early CVC word building!

I hope you and your kiddos have SO much fun with these Summer Math and Literacy sensory bins! If you’re looking for more Summer fun, head over to one of my favorite posts on the blog about our Preschool/Kindergarten Math and Literacy centers!

CLICK HERE to read all about our Summer Preschool/Kindergarten centers!

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