Budget Friendly Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Busting out new, seasonal activities can be such a fun way to get your kiddos excited about their learning activities. However, buying new materials and resources every single season or month can be stressful or even impossible on a tight budget! So today I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite Halloween-themed activities on a budget!

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Black Beans and Halloween Gems SB

Seasonal Sensory Bins

If you’ve followed me on Instagram or here on the blog for any amount of time, you can probably tell that sensory bins are a favorite in our house! We love them for so many reasons, and one of them is because they are so inexpensive to switch out.

After your initial investment of purchasing your bins and fillers, switching out bins each month or season is super cheap. There’s no need to purchase new fillers and bins each time you want a new bin. Just keep the ones you already have and change out the manipulaives, like these Halloween-colored gems we found for 40% off at Hobby Lobby!

Halloween PomPom Play


One of our favorite resources to purchase has been a bulk bag of pompoms! I bought one well over a year ago at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon (sensing a money-saving theme here??) and it is still like brand new every time a new season rolls around!

To spice things up with your pompoms, only take out the colors that match that month’s theme. For our Halloween theme, we pulled out all the orange, green, purple, and black! LG has had so much fun sorting the colors or “cooking” up fun treats with them!

Fall Letter Stickers

Alphabet Stickers

These stickers are another super deal we scored at Hobby Lobby! In the same section as their pompoms, they have bulk bags of stickers. Our current bag has lasted us over a year, too!

For this activity, I pulled out the orange, yellow and green letters for LG to match with the ones I wrote on her paper. If your kiddos are beyond letter matching, these stickers are also great for practicing building their names, spelling words, etc.!

Halloween Craft Tray

Halloween Activity Tray

This activity tray has become one of our new favorites! I was able to put this together using only materials we already had, making it completely free but totally new to LG! I grabbed our Halloween-color pompoms, Halloween-colored crayons, and cut up lots of Halloween-colored construction paper. (Construction paper is one of our favorite, under-appreciated resources. It’s good for SO MUCH!)

To make the Halloween images, I simply made the clipart I wanted as large as possible on each page. (You can download FREE clipart on TeachersPayTeachers! Just be sure to sign up for a free account as a teacher or homeschooler!) Then I outlined each part of the image with a different color for LG to match! We’ve used these images in so many ways!

Candy Corn Craft

Spider Web Craft

Moon Craft

Target Dice Companion - Halloween Colors

Colored Paper

A little trick I like to use is choosing learning activities that don’t have a seasonal theme, and printing them on appropriate colored paper! For the activity above, I printed out the black and white cards from my Roll and Cover Dice Companion on orange, purple, green, and white paper! Without buying anything new, this resource is now Halloween-themed! (You can find this FREE Roll and Trace activity by CLICKING HERE!)

Counting Cards - Candy Corn

Seasonal Candy

One of the ways we like to decorate in the RV is by filling clear jars with seasonal candy that we’ll be snacking on anyway! This is one of our intentional decorating tricks, but also works great as a budget-friendly school activity!

For this counting activity, LG used candy corns to practice counting with my FREE counting cards! You can grab them by CLICKING HERE!

Counting Cards - Cat Halloween Erasers

Mini Erasers

A super inexpensive way to spice up your sensory bins or manipulatives is by grabbing seasonal-themed mini erasers from the Target Dollar spot! You can get a bag for just $1, and they often have lots of different sets for each season! In addition to only costing $1, we love these because you can save and use them year after year!

Halloween Comparing Numbers

FREE TeachersPayTeachers Resources

If you’re looking for resources that are specifically Halloween-themed and budget friendly, you have to check out the Halloween FREEBIES on TeachersPayTeachers! There are SO many to choose from for all ages and grades!

To purchases resources or download freebies, just be sure to sign up for a FREE TeachersPayTeachers account as a teacher or homeschooler. You can sign up by CLICKING HERE!


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