Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Books

Nothing gets us in the mood for a new holiday or season quite like a basket of new, themed picture books! If all the hearts, pinks, and reds from these books don’t get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit, I don’t know what will! Click on any of the images in this post to learn more about each book!

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1. Llama Llama I Love You

It’s a Llama Llama book. Need I say more?!


2. Fancy Nancy Heart to Heart

I love including Fancy Nancy books any time we can! The stories are precious, and they give so many opportunities for vocabulary growth thanks to all of the “fancy” words she loves to use!


3. Pinkalicious Pink of Hearts

Does anything say “Valentine’s Day” better than Pinkalicious?! LG just loves these books, so we will be reading this one over and over!


4. The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Blessings


5. The Berestain Bears Love Their Neighbors

I love finding picture books that teacher a great lesson or even include some Biblical truth. The Berestain Bears never disappoint! While we think about heart and lovey dovey stories most of the time for Valentine’s Day, the Berestain Bears learn about showing love to their neighbors in this sweet story!


6. The Biggest Valentine Ever


7. Franklin’s Valentines

A few months ago we found some Franklin videos at the public library. LG immediately fell in love! I’m so glad that we were able to find this gem to add to our picture book collection!


8. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!

The “old lady” series is such a classic! LG thinks they are absolutely hilarious, and loves keeping up with all the cooky things the old lady swallows!


9. Bird Hugs

This book is a new one for us and I’m SO glad that we found it! It tells the sweet story of a little bird who is unlike all the other birds. But he eventually discovers that what makes him different is exactly what everyone else around him needs. It’s precious!


10.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

We love a good Mouse book, as well! It’s always so fun to see what he’s up to!


11.  The Berenstain Bear’s Valentine Party

When I saw this book at the grocery store, I knew I HAD to grab it. A life-the-flap Berenstain Bears book?! YES, PLEASE!


We’re so excited about all of the Valentine’s Day picture books we have ahead of us in February! What Valentine-themed books are you reading this month??


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