Bug Fine Motor Skill Activities for Little Learners

Have you ever run across a theme you didn’t realize you NEEDED in your life?! That’s our bug theme for us! I really didn’t think LG would be interested, but as soon as she saw what I was putting together she was hooked! So today I’m sharing some of our favorite bug fine motor skill activities and sensory bins!


Bug Themed Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is one of our new favorites and is so simple to put together! We grabbed just what we had in our sensory bin stash and tossed it all in a bin!

To put together this sensory bin you’ll need just a few materials – a bin, dry black beans, pompoms, bug mini erasers and any other bug-themed toys or manipulatives you may have on hand. The more manipulatives, the more chances to explore!

The first time we bust out a new sensory bin, we like to spend some time freely exploring. LG loves getting to search for new little goodies before we get to work!


Bug Erasers Colors Sort

We love these adorable little mini erasers from Target! You can use them in a million different ways, and this is one of them! To put this activity together, I simply folded a sheet of printer paper into 4 parts and labeled them with each of the eraser colors. This makes a super simple color sort!


Bug Puzzle Sensory Bin

When we moved into our new home and unpacked some of our older belongings, I was excited to find so many packed away baby and toddler toys! While LG doesn’t play with them in their original way anymore, these toys make perfect additions to our sensory bins! We’ve been adding all of our old puzzles to our themed sensory bins to bring them back to life!


Mini Eraser Bug Sort

Another way to use these mini erasers is to sort them by type of bug. Sorts like these lend to lots of great conversations with your little ones! With this sort you could discuss names of bugs, how they move, what color they are, where they live, etc! Visual discrimination is also a great skill to practice with your little ones!


Spider Building PlayDoh Tray

Some of our favorite sensory activities involve PlayDoh! You just can’t go wrong with it! To set up this activity I put together a tray with black beans, pipe cleaners, PlayDoh and beads! Your littles will love building their own little buggies!

Bug Sticker Scene

One of our newest favorite activities is making sticker scenes! We had TONS of Spring-themed stickers left over from the Target Dollar Spot. So I drew a little Spring garden scene on a sheet of printer paper and gave LG lots of buggie stickers to create with! This activity can be used with any set of stickers!

Let’s Hang Out!

I hope you and your littles enjoy exploring these bug fine motor skill activities and sensory bins! In the meantime, I’d love to chat and get to know you better! Come hang out with us in some of our favorite places!

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