8 Free Nativity Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Christmas is on its way, and we are so ready to get out all of our Christmas fun! If you’re looking for some fun Math and Literacy activities to add to your Nativity theme, you won’t want to miss these 8 free Nativity activities for Preschool and Kindergarten kiddos!

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nativity alphabet cards

Alphabet Building Cards

There are so many ways to use these alphabet building cards! Laminate for repeated use, them trace with dry erase marker or build the letters using any of your favorite manipulatives! We love building letters with play dough, mini erasers, dry beans, and more!

nativity letter find and cover

Alphabet Find and Cover

Working on letter recognition? These 2 alphabet Find and Cover mats will be so helpful! Students choose an alphabet card, identify the letter on it, and find/cover that letter on that mat! You can even take practice up a notch by calling out letter sounds and having little learners find and cover the letter that makes that sound!

nativity shape building

Starry Shape Building

Build shapes using this starry center! Students choose a shape card, identify the shape, then build it using manipulatives on the mat. We love using these little star mini erasers we found in the Target Dollar Spot!

lamb counting

Counting Lamb Puffs

This sweet counting activity is sure to engage your little learners! Students choose a number card, identify the number, then build that amount of “puffs” on the lamb using cotton balls. We love a fun activity that uses supplies we already have on hand at home!

nativity tracing strips

Pre-Writing Tracing Strips

If you’re working with little bitty learners, these pre-writing tracing strips will be super helpful! Simply laminate them for repeated use. Then, practice tracing the lines with a dry erase marker or build the line using manipulatives like mini erasers, play dough, and more!

nativity cutting strips

Cutting Strips

Scissor skills are so important! These simple cutting strips will be so helpful for little ones who are working to strengthen their fine motor skills.

nativity matching mat

Nativity Matching Mat

One of our absolute favorite activities with little ones are sensory bin matching mats! These activities are perfect for practicing visual discrimination and matching. But they’re also super handy for retelling stories, discussing important vocabulary, and more!

nativity vocabulary tracing cards

Nativity Vocabulary Tracing Cards

Speaking of vocabulary, these Nativity-themed vocabulary tracing cards will be so helpful as you study the story of the first Christmas! Looking for more Advent resources? Check out our favorites using the button below!

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