Daily Routine for Little Ones

I don’t know about you, but I THRIVE on routine. I have routines for my morning, for meal prep, for work, and so much more. So of course, it only makes sense that my child thrives on routine as well. Today I’d like to share our daily routine! I know that it will look a bit different from others, especially her sleep times. But that’s one of our favorite things about homeschool preschool – we are able to stick to a sleep routine that works best for our family!

I hope you find this daily routine to be helpful for you and your own kiddos!

Our Daily Routine

9am – Yep. You read that correctly. My child wakes up most days (with the exception of Sundays) at 9am. Now, before you get TOO jealous, read to the end to see what time she goes to bed. Ha! We’re not get-right-to-work kinda gals, so around this time we get our breakfast and coffee and enjoy some cartoons together. We spend a little time waking up and then get ready for our day.

10:30am – This is the perfect time to get out and about! If you live in the South like us, you know that if you want to get outside during the day you need to get out pretty early. Otherwise, you’ll be racing the heat! After we’ve had breakfast and gotten to wake up a bit, we either head outside to play in the backyard or park. Or, we’ll head out to run our errands for the day!

12:30pm – Lunch and school time! If there’s anything that stays consistent in our family, it’s lunch time. Ha! While we enjoy lunch together, we also get some school work done. I’ve found more recently that LG doesn’t do as well if we just jump right into school activities in the morning. As long as she’s gotten lots of play time and movement time, she’s excited to sit and do school during lunch!

2:30pm – Room Time. Some days we’ll get lucky and LG will still take a nice nap. If she doesn’t, she know that this is what we call “room time”. Either she snuggles up for a nap, or I’ll turn on music in her room and let her play independently. Nothing helps my girl stay in her room better than some good music! On good days, she’ll spend a solid hour playing dress up and dancing around!

4:30pm – I don’t think it’s any secret that afternoons can be hard for everyone. Most of the time, errands are finished for the day and we’re trying to keep everyone busy until dinner time. So in the afternoon, we bust out the snacks and sensory bins or encourage some independent play! (If we’re feeling really fun, we’ll get out ourĀ messy bin to keep us entertained!) And I’ll be completely honest – this is also a good time some days to pop in a fun movie so momma can finish up any projects started during rest time!

7:00pm – Dinner time! This is another item on our schedule that I find needs to stay consistent. If we have dinner much later than this, you can forget a decent bedtime. Yikes! After dinner, we get outside or run an errand as a family.

8:30pm – Bath time! I love giving LG her bath in the evening because it gives her time to play in a way that calms her down. It also gives us some time to tidy up and take care of our “before bed tasks” like loading the dishwasher, sweeping up, etc.

9:30pm – Bed time! I told y’all – our routine looks a bit different from others. But that’s okay with us! It works great for us, especially when we’re traveling for my husband’s job. He works very long hours so getting in some evening snuggles and playtime is very important to him. And on the plus side? With LG waking up around 9am, I’m able to get up around 6am to sneak in several hours of work! It’s the best setup for our unique work situations.


I hope this daily routine offers a little bit of help while planning your days at home with your preschoolers! But remember – a routine is only helpful if it works for YOUR family. So please, take what works from this routine and make sure it fits your needs!

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