DIY Craft Kits for Preschoolers

One of LG’s absolute favorite activities is playing with her PlayDoh and crafts. So when she requested to make some sets for her cousins, I couldn’t tell her no! We put together these fun bins for just about $5, and I think they’re a great gift or activity for just about any kiddo!


What’s Included

One of the best things about gifts for little ones is the fact that it does NOT take a lot of money to make a kiddo excited! Usually, the more simple the activity the better! So to put these bins together, we first headed to Dollar Tree!

The container we chose was just $1 at Dollar Tree. I LOVE the latches on the sides to give some added security! While I probably wouldn’t recommend trusting these containers for something like a full sensory bin, they’re perfect for storing some PlayDoh and craft supplies!

In addition to the PlayDoh, we tossed in lots of goodies like googly eyes, popsicle stickers, and gems. Then we added some PlayDoh mats for kiddos to recreate images!

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Finally, we added some Crayons! You can throw in some paper for coloring, or grab some fun printable coloring books like THESE FREE COLORING BOOKS.


How to Play

These kits are perfect as party favors, gifts, or even busy bins to take to restaurants! We love always having activities like this on hand to keep LG entertained and minimize opportunities for frustration during long wait times.

I hope you and your little ones have tons of fun with your DIY craft kits!


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