Thanksgiving Sensory Bins for Preschoolers

Happy November! It’s officially time to get working in our Thanksgiving-themed sensory bins, and we’re so excited! We love our Fall bins, but adding some extra seasonal fun with Thanksgiving-themed materials adds so much joy!

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Fall color sorting

Fall Colors Sort Bin

We love a good color sorting activity! LG has been doing these activities for years now, but practicing color sorting is always a great skill to sharpen. This is also one of our favorite activities to begin our school day. It has lots of fine motor skills practice, but is simple enough to work on as you’re waking up for the day! And the best part – you can sort ANYTHING you own by color! No need to purchase anything new. Just add some items in Fall colors and get to work!

Free Counting Cards

Of course we had to bust out our FREE counting cards with our Thanksgiving manipulatives! LG loves getting to practice each month with a different manipulative. And I love that I can make a reused resource new and fun each time we use it!

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Corn Cooking

Don’t forget to use your sensory bin filler for activities as well! These dry corn kernels are always a huge hit when do dramatic play. LG loves pretending she’s cooking up all sorts of goodies!

Thanksgiving Letter Building

All of these little Fall and Thanksgiving-themed manipulatives are so fun and festive! They’re also the perfect manipulative for building numbers and letters in our Preschool Binder!

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Thanksgiving Sticker Sort

We LOVE getting these puffy stickers at Hobby Lobby whenever they go on sale! The packs are perfect for so many activities, like this sort!

Putting together this activity is super simple! Fold a sheet of paper into 4 parts. Place one of each sticker in the corners so your little one know which stickers to put in the sections. Then, watch them go! We LOVE using puffy stickers for fine motor skills practice because it takes a good amount of work to get the backs off of the stickers!

Preschool Skills Matching Mats

If your little ones are ready to take their sensory bins to the next level, try adding in academic activities like these sensory bin matching mats! LG loves to use these activities during our homeschool time. And I love being able to combine fine motor skills practice with our academic practice!

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Thanksgiving Patterns

Have you seen these adorable Thanksgiving puffy stickers at Hobby Lobby?! Holy moly! We’re LOVING them! They’re another great manipulative option for counting, color sorting, and building letters, numbers and shapes! For this activity, we used them to practice building patterns!

Thanksgiving Sensory Bins

These bins are some of our favorites to pull out every Thanksgiving! We love to practice retelling the Thanksgiving story with this matching mat, and LG loves putting together the puzzle!

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