March Sensory Bins

Happy March, y’all! I’ve been prepping a month of sensory bins all at once for a little while now, and it has been such a game changer for our sensory play! It’s so much fun to spend a day getting everything put together and gives us so many play options to choose from! So today I’d like to share the 6 sensory bins I’ve prepared for LG for this month!

*Please note this post does include links to several of my TpT resources, as well as Amazon affiliate links.*

Large Sensory Bins

We keep a combination of 2 large sensory bins and 3-4 pencil box bins. I’m finding that using the large sensory bins for the “just for fun” activities has really helped us a lot! It gives LG more space to make a mess and explore with open-ended activities.

March Sensory Bin2

I’m so excited about our garden sensory bin this month! I think it will definitely stay in our rotation for April, too! I certainly can’t take the credit for this idea. It’s been floating all over Instagram and Pinterest for years, and I’m just so excited that LG is ready for it! To put it together, I fill a large bin with dry black beans. Then I grabbed some pots and fake flowers from Dollar Tree! The precious little shovel and pail in the picture is from LG’s beach PlayDoh set!

March Sensory Bin1

Water beads. Need I say more?! These little guys supply so. much. entertainment. And I love them! Of course LG always ends up squishing them to bits, but I guess that’s fine motors practice, right? Ha! This bin gives her hours of open-ended fun and it’s one of our absolute favorites! LG is pretty good at keep the mess inside the bin, but I usually place a plastic table cloth underneath just in case! I always grab them for about $1 while grocery shopping! You can find these water beads HERE and similar scoopers HERE!

Pencil Box Sensory Bins

The idea to use $1 WalMart pencil boxes as sensory bins came from my dear friend Rachael @TexasSpeechMom! (P.S. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SLP or not, RUN TO FOLLOWER HER. She is the sweetest thing and her ideas extend far beyond speech therapy!) I LOVE using these bins as a way to have lots of prepped sensory bins without taking up tons of space! This month, my goal is to use each pencil box bin in 2 ways.

Alphabet Matching Sensory Bin

Our first bin is filled with dry brown beans, St. Patrick’s Day colored ABC stickers from Hobby Lobby, and magnet chips from Lakeshore Learning. For the first activity, LG will choose letter stickers from the sensory bin to match to their corresponding letter on the sheet of paper. (Want to use this with older kiddos? Write lowercase letters on the paper and have kiddos match the uppercase stickers to them!) The second activity is a simple magnet hunt in the beans with the magnet wand!

Shamrock Patterns Sensory Bin

Our second brown bean bin has a million uses! (Well, not really but a TON!) LG will use these little rubber hands from WalMart (also a TexasSpeechMom idea!) to pick out the laminated shamrocks and match the patterns. Then, she can use the coins and shamrocks from Hobby Lobby to sort, count, add, etc! (You can find this pattern activity HERE!)

St. Patrick's Day Puzzle Sensory Bin

We sure love puffy stickers around here, can you tell?? These adorable St. Patrick’s Day themed puffy stickers were 30% this year at Hobby Lobby! For her first activity, LG will choose stickers from the white bean bin and sort accordingly. For the second activity, LG will choose pieces to match on their matching mat or puzzle! (You can find these matching activities HERE!)

Sticking Sorting Sensory Bin

Our final March sensory bin is all about matching and sorting! We’re using the rest of the St. Patrick’s Day themed puffy stickers from Hobby Lobby and stepping up our sorting game! Since all the stickers are green, LG will focus more on the shapes to help sort! Then she will practice building with and sorting different colored pompoms! We LOVE using our huge bag of pomspoms that we got at Hobby Lobby and these adorable Dollar Tree tweezers!

Thanks for sticking around for this blog post! I hope this gives you tons of fun sensory play ideas for your little ones. To see more toddler and preschool activities in action, be sure you’re following me on Instagram @thestayathometeacher!