St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bins

Happy March, y’all! I’m SO excited to spend a few weeks enjoying some St. Patrick’s Day themed sensory bins! There are SO many fun activities, so buckle up!

*Please note this post does include links to several of my TpT resources, as well as Amazon affiliate links.*


Rainbow Water Beads

Water beads. Need I say more?! These little guys supply so. much. entertainment. And I love them! Of course LG always ends up squishing them to bits, but I guess that’s fine motors practice, right? Ha! This bin gives her hours of open-ended fun and it’s one of our absolute favorites! LG is pretty good at keep the mess inside the bin, but I usually place a plastic table cloth underneath just in case! I always grab them for about $1 while grocery shopping! You can find these water beads HERE and similar scoopers HERE!


Alphabet Matching Sensory Bin

For this activity, LG will choose letter stickers from the sensory bin to match to their corresponding letter on the sheet of paper. (Want to use this with older kiddos? Write lowercase letters on the paper and have kiddos match the uppercase stickers to them!) The second activity is a simple magnet hunt in the beans with the magnet wand!


Shamrock Patterns

This is such a fun way to practice patterns! Toss the shamrock pieces into your sensory bin and have your little one search for the correct pieces to repeat or extend the patterns! You can find this pattern activity by CLICKING HERE!



St. Patrick’s Day Sticker Sort

We sure love puffy stickers around here, can you tell?? These adorable St. Patrick’s Day themed puffy stickers were 40% this year at Hobby Lobby! For her first activity, LG will choose stickers from the white bean bin and sort accordingly. For the second activity, LG will choose pieces to match on their matching mat or puzzle! You can find these matching activities by CLICKING HERE!


Lucky Charms Matching Mat

This little cutie is one of our newest favorites! Whether your little ones are practicing matching, shapes, or colors – there’s something to practice here! Toss the picture cards in your sensory bin for kiddos to find and match! You can find this resource by CLICKING HERE!


Irish Flag Shape Sort & Trace

We love our shape sensory bin activities! There are so many ways to use this bin. Toss the Irish flag shape cards in your sensory bin. Then have little ones choose shapes to sort. Or have them choose and match/trace the correct shapes! You can find this activity by CLICKING HERE!


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