St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bins and Fine Motor Skill Activities

One of my very favorite things to do when it’s time to start a new thematic unit is to switch out our sensory bins! This theme is no exception in excitement! Below are some of the St. Patrick’s Day fine motor skills activities and sensory bins we’ll be using for the month of March!

st patricks day sensory bin

This month’s bin includes black beans, St. Patrick’s Day (white, yellow, orange, green) pompoms, sparkly shamrocks from Hobby Lobby, and “gold” coins from Dollar Tree! We will also be using this sensory bin and its manipulatives to complete lots of our St. Patrick’s Day themed Preschool Math and Literacy activities!

St. Patrick's Day puzzles

St. Patrick’s Day Puzzles and Matching Mats

One of the very first sensory bin resources I created for LG were these handy little puzzles and matching mats. It was a great way for us to transition our free sensory bin play to academic practice! Using these mats LG practiced her fine motor skills while also working on matching, visual discrimination, and problem solving!

CLICK HERE to learn more about these St. Patrick’s Day Matching Mats & Puzzles.

St. Patrick's Day sticker sort
Puffy Sticker Sort

Every season, I stock up on seasonally-themed puffy stickers when they go on sale at Hobby Lobby. We use these stickers for SO many activities! They make such fun manipulatives and add so much seasonal spark to our sensory bins.

Some of the ways we use our puffy stickers include color sorting, image sorting, pattern making, counting, and more!

St. Patrick's Day matching mats
St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Skills Matching Mats

These Preschool skills matching mats were created once LG grew out of her sensory bin puzzles and matching mats! She was ready to move on to other skills, but really loved the style of matching mats. These are still some of our favorite activities to work on!

This set includes 5 matching mats! Practice identifying letters, beginning sounds, counting, shapes and colors!

CLICK HERE to learn more about these St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Matching Mats!

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Skills Clip Cards

If you’re looking for a way to practice fine motor skills without sensory bins, clip cards are the perfect choice! Pinching the clothespins gives kiddos such a great fine motor workout, while still practicing common Preschool skills! I also love using these with LG as an informal assessment to see how she’s doing on each skill without causing much pressure. While I’m assessing her, she thinks she’s just playing!

This set includes clip cards for upper/lowercase letters, letter identification, beginning sounds, number identification, counting, colors, and shapes.

CLICK HERE to learn more about these Preschool Skills Clip Cards!

St. Patrick's Day dabbing pages
St. Patrick’s Day Dabbing Pages

One of our favorite ways to practice fine motor skills is with BINGO dabbers! To add a little guidance to our practice, I put together these FREE dabbing pages! Not only are they handy for practicing fine motor skills – they’re also a great way to practice color identification and color words!

CLICK HERE to grab these FREE St. Patrick’s Day Dabbing Pages!

St. Patrick's Day rainbow bin
Rainbow Water Beads Sensory Bin

Where are my water bead fans?! We are HUGE fans here! The possibilities are endless with these sensory bins! Simply prep the water beads according to the brand’s directions, toss in a bin, and add lots of tools for scooping and pouring! Your kiddos will be SO excited and engaged!

I hope these sensory bins and fine motor activities keep your little ones engaged and entertained this March! Looking for some other St. Patrick’s Day-themed Preschool activities? CLICK HERE to browse tons of resources!

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St. Patrick's Day sensory bins
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