Valentine Math and Literacy Plans for Little Learners

If your little ones are all sorts of interested in all things pink and red right now, these FREE plans are for you! I put together together for LG in order to run with her interest in Valentine’s Day! These Valentine Math and Literacy plans were designed with ages 3-5 years in mind, but can be modified however you need!

How to Use These Plans

When you open your lesson plans, you’ll find 4 pages like the one below. There are 4 categories of activities: Read Aloud, Math, Literacy and Fine Motor. If you read the plans from left to right, you’ll find one full day of Math and Literacy plans DONE for you! YAY!

We usually stick to one seasonally-themed set of activities for each month. We LOVE seasonal themes in our home! So these 12 days of plans works out perfectly for our homeschool Preschool time! We try to complete 3 days of homeschool each week during the month.

Got questions about our homeschool Preschool routine? No problem! CLICK HERE to learn more!

If you or your kiddos aren’t a huge fan of monthly/seasonal themed resources, be sure you check out our ANYTIME bundle of Preschool centers!

This Month’s Plans

Regardless of how you choose to use these plans, I hope you enjoy your time practicing with your little ones! To download your FREE Valentine-themed homeschool preschool plans, click on the button below and follow the links in my TpT store!

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Let’s Hang Out!

I hope these Valentine Math and Literacy plans are so helpful for you during your planning time! I’d love to chat and get to know you better! Come hang out with us in some of our favorite places!

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