How to Plan a Homeschool Preschool Routine for 3-5 Year Olds

After nearly 8 years of being a stay-at-home Mom, I’ve learned that a routine is much more helpful for us than a schedule. A routine gives us a guide without giving strict deadlines. This was a huge help when creating our homeschool Preschool routine! We like to keep the order of our daily activities the same without having specific times for each individual item. That way, we’re never rushed or stressed if we miss something at a specific time! And we can enjoy spending time together while learning – my absolute favorite part of homeschool Preschool!

If you’re looking for a toddler friendly homeschool routine, check out our post by CLICKING HERE!

What Subjects Do We Cover?

Each day, I have 5 categories for us to explore during our learning time. These categories are Bible, Math, Literacy, Science/Social Studies, and Fine Motor skills practice! We spend maybe 15 minutes or so on each category, spread out across our day. And we practice them in a variety of ways, not just with printable resources!

In this blog post, I’ll share a brief overview of each category. But I also put together a super handy FREE Preschool Curriculum Map that details all of the skills and themes we cover in every category each month of the year. Click the button below to download the file FOR FREE!


Bible Time

Bible study has been an important part of our family’s lives. We try to make a point to read and discuss regularly, and adding a Bible study that’s specifically for little ones has been a goal of mine for years! So of course we had to include Scripture study in our homeschool Preschool routine.

When I began writing these studies, I knew I wanted to continue our hands-on learning and add Scripture to the mix. So our studies are packed with discussion prompts, crafts, practice pages, sensory bins, and more! There is so much variety included, we’ve used our studies from Preschool through early elementary years. This makes them perfect for family study time!


Math Activity

Math is one of my favorite categories to cover in homeschool Preschool because there are SO many ways to practice in the real world! You can head to the grocery story and cover just about all of the common Preschool skills right in your product section! (Identify colors, count foods, make patterns, etc.) So don’t be afraid to count some of your everyday errands as homeschool Preschool time!

Another way I love to incorporate academic practice is through thematic units! If you downloaded our Preschool Curriculum Map above, you’ll see that I’ve included TONS of seasonal and “anytime” themes in our Full Preschool Curriculum! All of these themes include printables for practicing numbers, counting, colors, shapes, and more!


Literacy Activity

The next category we practice is Literacy. This is another subject that can easily be practiced in a variety of real-life ways! Grab some fun alphabet books and snuggle up to read! While you’re walking through the grocery store, try to find different letters of the alphabet on signs and boxes of food. Pick out items you have around the house and practice recognizing the different beginning sounds you hear! Friends, there are SO many fun ways to practice Literacy skills all around!

For more hands-on Literacy practice, I included tons of games and sensory bin activities in our Full Preschool Curriculum! Your little learners will have fun practicing with board games, matching mats, puzzles, sensory bins, and SO much more!


Science or Social Studies

We may not get to them every single school day, but we love including Science and Social Studies activities as often as possible! They are both SO simple to include in your reading time, as well! Simply grab a bunch of nonfiction books from your public library and add them to your reading or quiet time!

If you are looking for something more hands-on to add to your Science time, be sure to check out our life cycle studies! LG has SUCH a curiosity for how plants and animals grow and change, so they are a must-have for us during our school time!

Fine Motor Skills

We typically end our practice with some extra fine motor skills practice or craft time! You’ve probably noticed that fine motors practice is included in all of our academic activities. So for this part of our learning time, I try to include a lot of free play! This is when we bust out our favorite sensory bins for free time scooping and pouring, building with PlayDoh, or crafts! Sometimes I include prompts but other times, anything is fair game!

I hope this post gives you some ideas for your homeschool preschool routine with your little ones! While I plan school activities for 5 days each week, there are absolutely plenty of weeks when we just hit 2-3 days of school. Some days we even throw the plans out the window and just dig through our school bins to see what we’re in the mood for! Ha! But no matter what, sitting down with your preschooler is a great way to spend time together and introduce them to homeschool!

Full Preschool Curriculum

Would you like to have Homeschool Preschool planned for you?! In our Full Preschool Curriculum, I’ve created visual plans for all of our 30+ sets of themed centers! Simply print the plans and you have 5 days of Math, Literacy, and Fine Motor Skills activities already planned for you! Then, choose from any of the 72 sensory bins and 450 NO PREP worksheets to continue practicing!

This Preschool Curriculum is a homeschool staple of ours from ages 2-5 years old, and I pray that it blesses your family’s learning time together!

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