Math and Literacy Binder for Little Learners

One lesson I learned during our time as full time RVers is that it does NOT take a ton of “stuff” to engage our little learners. It can be easy to get caught up on all the new little bits and think that we need to add them to our homeschool preschool routine. But thankfully, I found that using what you have combined with one really versatile resource can have a huge impact on school time! What resource changed it all for us? Our Math and Literacy Binder for little learners!

My absolute favorite thing about this resource is that it can be used with ANY manipulative your little one is interested in at the time! This helps so much when it comes to keeping your little ones interested and engaged! Having this resource organized in a binder is also SUPER helpful! It helps keep all of the pages in one spot, and turns learning time into an on-the-go activity!

Letter Formation and Tracing

Students use their favorite manipulatives or play dough to practice building the upper and lowercase letters. If students are ready to practice writing, they can follow the handwriting guidance and trace the letters using a dry erase marker.

To practice early reading, guide students in reading the sentence prompt “A is for…” following by the beginning sounds pictures.

Letters and Beginning Sounds Find & Cover

Use manipulatives to find and cover the matching upper/lowercase letters and images that begin with the letter’s sound.

Counting, Number Building and Tracing

Students count and cover the dots next to their numbers. Then, use manipulatives of their choice to build the numbers or use dry erase markers to trace the numbers.

Numbers and Subitizing Find & Cover

Use manipulatives to find and cover the correct numbers. Then find and cover the representations of the numbers.

Color Sorting

These pages are some of our favorites paired with ANY sensory bin! Have your little ones choose manipulatives from their sensory bin to sort by color.

Colors Find & Cover

Students use manipulatives to find and cover the images that match the corresponding color words.

Shape Tracing and Find & Cover

Use a dry erase marker to trace the shapes. Then, find and cover the “real life” images of that shape.

Pre-Writing Lines

Not quite ready for academic objectives? Grab some manipulatives, play dough, or a dry erase marker and practice building/tracing the pre-writing lines!

Looking for other activities to add to your Preschool Math and Literacy binder? Check out our other favorite resources!

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Let’s Hang Out!

I hope this Math and Literacy binder for littles is SO helpful for you in your Preschool classroom or homeschool time! If you’d like to learn more about our homeschool routine, CLICK HERE for that post! In the meantime, I’d love to chat and get you know you better! Come hang out with us in some of our favorite places!

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