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Hello, new friends! I’m SO excited that you’ve found yourself at The Stay-at-Home Teacher!

My name is Kaitlyn and I’m a 1st grade teacher turned homeschool Momma. I love to take what I’ve learned from my time in the classroom and apply those things to our homeschool days!

We’ve been in this homeschool world for several years now. We started when LG was about 2 years old (read why we began then by CLICKING HERE) and now she’s in the “transitional Kindergarten” stage as a new 5 year old! Can you believe that, y’all?! If you’ve followed us from the beginning, you’re probably as shocked as I am that time has flown by so fast!

If you’re looking to get started with homeschool yourself or you’re wanting to learn more about The Stay-at-Home Teacher, check out some of our most helpful blog posts by clicking the buttons below! Again, I’m SO glad to have you here and I pray that this space is both encouraging and helpful as you walk alongside your little ones in their education journey!

Helpful Blog Posts for Getting Started

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